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Southern California Institute of Architecture (los Angeles, ca  september 2012 to september 2014)

        Graduated Master of Architecture with Distinction

The Ohio State University (columbus, oh  september 2008 to june 2012)

        Graduated Bachelor of Science in Architecture


+Dopium L.A. (los angeles, ca  june 2018)

        Community Gallery

        1-1-1 Series

+Dopium L.A. (los angeles, ca  november 2017)
        Community Gallery
        1-1-1 Series
+Architecture and Design Museum (los angeles, ca  june
        Architecture, architecture, architectural Exhibition
        Action Object
+TR!P Santa Monica los angeles, ca  june
        Beautify Lincoln Exhibition
        Drip Series


Warren Techentin Architecture (WTARCH) (los angeles, ca  january 2018 - present)

        Project Designer, Project Manager

+Franklin Canyon Residence: 2018

        3,000 SF Hillside Residence in Beverly Hills, California: 2018

        Project Designer, Project Manager

+Motor Mix-use Development: 2018

        Infill Building Solution with 36 Residential Units in Palms, California: 2018

        Project Designer, Project Manager

+Silver Lake Residence: 2018

        Hillside Residential Renovation in Silver Lake, California: 2018

        Project Designer, Project Manager

+McLaughlin Apartment Cpmplex: 2018

        21 Unit Residential Complex in Marina Del Rey, California: 2018

        Project Designer, Project Manager

Oyler Wu Collaborative (los angeles, ca  december 2014 - december 2017)

        Project Designer, Project Manager, Lead Fabricator.

+Irwin Conference Center Exchange: 2017

        Installation Pavilion in Columbus, Indiana

        Project designer. Digital modeler. Construction manager and fabricator. 

+3DS Culinary Lab: 2014-2015
        Interior Renovation and Guardrail Installation.

        Project designer. Digital modeler. Guardrail construction manager and fabricator. 

        Presentation drawings in collaboration with Dwayne Oyler. 
+Headspace Meditation Pods: 2015-2016
        Ergonomic Sculpture.

        Project designer. Digital modeler. Construction manager. Fabricator of 5 pods.

        Presentation and construction drawings. 
+Outtake from 3DS Culinary: 2016
        SCI_Arc Close-Up Exhibition Half-scale Stair Detail.

        Project designer. Digital modeler. Construction manager. Fabricator. 
+LACE by Jenny Wu:
        3D Printed Jewelry Line. Designer. 3D modeler. CNC milled jewelry boxes. 
+The Hyperion Project: 2014
        Canopy installation.

Roto Architects (los angeles, ca  june 2014 - august 2014)

        Intern Architect.

+Belmont Plaza. 
        Olympic-sized Swimming and Diving Arena. Project Designer. Digital Modeler.

P-A-T-T-E-R-N-S (los angeles, ca  summer 2013)

        Intern Architect.

+ The League of Shadows.  

        SCI-arc Graduation Pavilion. 
        Design, Fabrication and Construction.

+ Textile Room.  

        M.O.C.A. New Sculpturalism Exhibit.

        Carbon Fiber Skin Pavilion.  Installation.

+ SoLA Village.  

        L.A.-Mart 1.6 million square foot Multi-purpose Building Complex along Los Angeles Blue Line. 

        Digital Design Development.

+ Accra Multi-Use Complex

        Urban Development, Master Planning

        Digital Designer

SHP Leading Design (columbus, oh  summer 2011 and summer 2012)

        Intern Architect.

+ Ohio State School for the Deaf and Blind.  

        Multi-million dollar Educational and Living Facilities. 

        Revit Modeling, Construction Drawings, Material Studies and Rendering.

+ Ramtec.  

        Tri-Rivers Career & Technology Center.  10,000 square foot robotics training lab. 

        Revit Design, Detailing and Rendering.

Westin Mitchell Furniture (los angeles, ca  september 2014 - december 2014)

     Digital Designer.

+The Collection.

     Cast Aluminum Lounge Chair, Steel Bar Cart, Carved Wood Table. Furniture Designer and Digital Modeler.

Southern California Institute of Architecture (los angeles ca,  fall 2013 to spring 2014)

+ Thesis Teaching Assistant.   

        Research and Design assistant for 48 students.

        Weekly discussion leader alongside Undergraduate Thesis Director Dwayne Oyler.

+ Fabrication Shop Staff.  

       ABS and Powder 3D Printing, CNC Milling, Woodworking, 

       Shop Organization and cleaning.

Fraternity Executive Board Member (the ohio state university,  fall 2009 to fall 2010)

+ House Manager.  

        Stadium seating and study room design and fabrication, Air ducting installation,

        Regular house maintanence and operations, and Interior wall graphics.  Chapter of the year 2009. 

Habitat for Humanity (2007, 2008, 2009, 2011)

+ Charlottesville, Virginia.  

        Wood Framing, Drywall, Air Ducting and Foot Bridge Construction with 

        The Ohio State University Architecture Scholars Program.

+ Columbus, Ohio.  

        Stocking and Organizing the Habitat for Humanity store room.

+ Cincinnati, Ohio.  

        Restoring and Mural Painting at the main Habitat for Humanity office.